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the Afterlife

We're a group of like-minded believers in the Proof ecosystem who like art, community, building, and a chill vibe. We also believe in leaving a healthier planet for our kids. Literal dead birds are a stark reminder of the loss of biodiversity the planet is experiencing on account of human progress. Our aim is to be a force to counter this loss through awareness, art, funds, and, most excitingly, web3. Read more

Dead Birds Society

Dead Pool

The Dead Pool is a 96-member investment club started by some early participants of the Dead Birds Society. The Dead Pool uses Prysm to power the investment club and has acquired a Proof Pass, a grail, two skellys and a skully. Check us out.

Dead Pool investment club


The Underground is the Dead Birds Society marketplace on Pudding - list, buy and sell on the Underground and support royalties while supporting the community.

The Underground is the only marketplace where you can sort and filter by Moonbirds-specific filters such as eye color, nesting status and nesting level.

Ghouls from Dead Birds Society


GHOULS is DBS's first official NFT, unlocking full access to our active community discord and gives incentivized value back to holders through the UNDERGROUND, our official marketplace.

Our devs believe in iterative building and our goal is to continually build value for our holders. Find out more.

Dead Pool investment club


LOSTBIRDS is DBS's second official NFT, unlocking full access to our active community discord while also donating to biodiversity charities.

Lostbirds are Moonbirds traits recombined into new outputs.
Rescue one today.

Ghouls from Dead Birds Society


Moonbirds holders with either the skeleton or ruby skeleton trait, nicknamed skellys, came together and formed a sub-parliament called the Dead Birds Society. Subsequently we also opened to Moonbirds holders with the skully headwear trait and Oddities holders with skull traits (body skeleton or ruby skeleton, headwear skully, or underfoot skull). And most excitingly we dropped our own GHOULS and LOSTBIRDS NFTs which grants holders full access.